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Massachusetts Community Links


    Town Profiles
    Commonwealth Communities is your resource for finding information on the 351 cities and towns in Massachusetts provided by state agencies and official city/town websites.
    Find A Neighborhood
    Realtor.com helps you to find a neighborhood for your family that is closest to a new place of employment or a desired school, etc.
    Compare Cities
    Browse town profiles and compare them side by side. Review crime statistics, employment rates, etc.
    Local Weather
    Check the local weather anywhere in the United States.
    Public Transportation Links
    (MBTA Bus, Train & Commuter Rail Routes and Maps)
    Public Safety

    MA Crime Statistics
    View crime statistics and other public safety information for communities in Massachusetts.
    Family Watchdog
    Use Family Watchdog to search to locate registered offenders in your area. Simply put in the address you would like to search around. Family Watchdog will show you a map of your area that displaying the offenders near you.

    Also, Family Watchdog has assembled an extensive library of safety tips related to product, family, and child safety.

    School Information
    Choose any one of the cities or towns in Massachusetts and then review detailed reports for each and every school in that area.
    MCAS Scores
    HomeFair.com ~ School Reports